Second book accepted

Hooray, my second book has been accepted by Black Opal Books. It is a collection of writings, consisting of a novella and a few short stories. It should be released in 2020.

2 Replies to “Second book accepted”

  1. Congratulations Barbara, I knew you could do it! Two, no less!!

    All is well with Helga and myself. We moved to Napa California near the Silverado resort and are having a ball !!
    I am still writing my Wine blog, but other than that, I have not tried submitting any of my articles to anyone else.

    Cheers and God Bless,

    Tom Barras


  2. Hi Tom, wonderful to hear from you. How can you have a ball during the pandemic???

    My books have not yet been published. The company was sold soon after I signed my contracts. They do honor all previous contracts, but there have been some snafus during the transition. The new owner (a long-time employee of the company who didn’t change the name) found that several contracts had been left off a list she received, and they are working hard to take care of them. I hope to receive my first edits in 2-3 months. Fingers crossed!

    I like hearing from former SC authors. A few months ago, I heard from an engineer who writes poetry. I had published some of his poems, and he finally came out, as a poet that is, to his family.

    My best to Helga.

    Barb Kussow


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